​​I strive to educate and entertain through good stories, echoing what I've learned and where I've been. 

--Geni White

Ho Ho Ha Merry Heart Medicine Series

Enna Bushay believes in speaking truthfully and begins her tales that way. To her constant surprise her wild imagination surfaces and runs away with her stories. We never know what direction the writing will follow.

For example, she discovered one ear (her right) attached to her head sits one-half inch lower than the left ear. Enna analyzed hundreds of heads and discovered more uneven ear attachments. That’s when her imagination ran loose. So typical of Enna’s little stories.

Enna Bushay is a fun lady with lots of adventures that will leave you with a merry heart.

Many of my friends visit a hairdresser weekly. I go when I’m desperate.

Recently when I plopped into the stylist’s chair, the young thing, Joy, said, ‘What happened to your head?”

“I couldn’t stand the sight so I chopped at my own hair.”

She giggled then stifled the sound, her hand jammed over her mouth. “What happened to the back? It’s disaster.”

“Oh, I...My eyes in the back of my head are on vacation.”...


​​​​​Candle Alive