​​​​​Candle Alive


​​I strive to educate and entertain through good stories, echoing what I've learned and where I've been. 

--Geni White

Twenty-Five year old Police Chief Thad Mafet’s grief is so deep healing tears feel frozen. He can’t force himself to talk about his sorrow and guilt.

As the entire police department of Hafton Valley, Oregon, Thad feels trapped in a dead end job. His biggest excitement – ticketing pie-maker Frieda Rose’s goat for eating the mayor’s roses – and teaching safety to kindergarteners. The kids he enjoys. But he wants something bigger such as work with Interpol.

A rich Arab sheik builds a palace in Hafton Valley. Thad wonders if the sheik is after his grandmother as wife number three. Then wife number two, Sheika Huda is found dead–in Thad and his grandmother’s front closet…with a fig leaf in her hand.

Thad’s Great Dane had tried to warn the officer in time to save Huda. Someone poisons the dog, leaving a fig leaf under its head.

Thad, Gran and Frieda Rose investigate the murder. Then the body, all their evidence, and Thad’s five-year old friend, Ramon disappears.

Thad vows to solve the murder and rescue Ramon, even if he must follow the villain half way around the world. He doesn’t know his own life will be in danger on the trip.Type your paragraph here.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and stayed up until midnight the other evening to finish it, just couldn't put it down. Geni White has created some fun and interesting characters, especially Frieda Rose and Gran whose "older lady" antics are entertaining as much as their vitality is inspiring. I loved the cross cultural feel of the book which was educational for me. The faith theme in the book was handled in an understated and sensitive way which I appreciated as well. A great read which I am very happy to recommend.

--Ruth H. Wood

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