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​​I strive to educate and entertain through good stories, echoing what I've learned and where I've been. 

--Geni White

Time and places in Anders Village through  my Pintrest board.

Anders Village

"Anders runs like a six-foot tall, too skinny goose. His big feet plop, plop and his knees wobble sideways. His baseball-mitt sized hands flop near his chest, just under his tucked-in chin. When he neared our swing, Anders lifted his face toward us. “Did you hear my father? He said I can go to Norway.

Our only friend’s face was as red as his crew-cut. When he wiped the sleeve of his flannel shirt across his nose, he smeared dirt over the freckles on one cheek. “I’m going to Norway!” Anders seldom speaks unless asked and then often in mumbles, his chin tight against his chest. Now he faced us full on. He seldom smiled and we’d never heard him laugh. Now happy sounds bubbled from his mouth. He said “Norway! To live with my cousins.”

Anders Gunarsson’s body is twenty-one years old, but his mind stopped growing about age twelve. Ivar and Inga, six-year old precocious twins, don’t understand why no one in their school will play with them, except Anders.

Anders teaches the twins interesting skills and gives them a dictionary. They use the dictionary as a disguise while eavesdropping on villagers, especially ‘That Woman’. She vows to chase every God-fearing preacher from the town.

Ralph, who owns the dry-goods store, and Miss Gilly Skaal, post-mistress, are two special friends to Anders, Ivar and Inga. Also, Hannah, the village telephone operator guides the twins when they are puzzled by life.

Hubert, son of the town drunk, harasses Inga, until Anders does something surprising. The twins’ Dad, also surprises them in what he does for Anders. 

This old-time village story keeps readers engaged, wondering if Anders deepest desire, as well as that of the twins, will become reality.

   A timely reminder of the current challenges faced by the increasing number of people being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and related anomalies, Anders Village speaks to the readers heart. Twins Ivar and Inga include Anders not only in their activities, but also in a circle of friendship and concern.

--Marilyn Moe  Deneke