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​​I strive to educate and entertain through good stories, echoing what I've learned and where I've been. 

--Geni White

Psalms 90:17--Establish the
 work of our hands, O Lord.

My son's wedding in Taipei

Geni J. White, retired RN, Psychiatric counselor and former licensed minister and her husband of fifty-five years, have three children and one daughter-in-law (married to our son.) scattered around the world.

Geni began writing in third grade and has been published in Live (take-home adult Sunday school paper), Storyteller Magazine, Christian Communicator, Comfort Café (online), p-r reporter, Mature Living and other publications. She has published hundreds of book reviews on the internet.

Geni and her husband have lived in four countries and eleven States in the USA. So far, they’ve traveled to twenty-nine countries.

Geni, an award-winning Toastmaster’s speaker, enjoys gardening, hiking, swimming, reading, drawing and sewing. She is a committed Christian who desires to follow Jesus Christ in all that she does.

My year teaching in China

A day on the lake in Oregon

You can expect stories and educational material that are intriguing, funny, informative - occasionally nail biting - and provide an unique perspective on the world. From mystery novels to humorous short stories to learning tools, I guarantees quality writing and imaginative characters who come alive on the pages of my stories.

My Writing Style

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